Wind Chime Charges Up With The Breeze For Outdoor Lighting

What if the pleasantness of a wind chime did double duty as an energy generator that powered an LED light? A team of designers including Chen Yan Zhuang, Zhou Li, Peng Qixuan, Liu Huan-jung, Ke Qi Ling and Zhong Zhida came up with the idea that shifts a wind chime into a energy-gathering device for evening lighting. Yanko Design writes, "The only difference is that the wind movement causes the lamp to harness energy to power the lamp rather than sound the soothing 'clinks'."

I think I'd like it better if it included the clinks. This is vaporware to the nth degree, but if we're in design la-la-land, I'd like to put in a request that the pleasant clinks still be included. Not only does the wind chime generate electricity for the LED light, but the wind-catching board is also a touch board for the user to write down "hopes." If we can do that then we can certainly keep it clinky.

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