Skystream Hybrid 6 Doubles Down on Renewable Energy, Integrates Solar Panels with Wind Turbine

Skystream Hybrid 6Skystream/Screen capture

By integrating solar panels onto a pole-mounted Skystream 3.7 wind turbine, the Hybrid 6 diversifies renewable energy production for the homeowner and helps to even out the effects of daily and seasonal changes in wind speeds and solar exposure.

Skystream's 3.7 wind turbine, already one of the most lauded compact personal wind generators, is getting a boost from the sun, in the Hybrid 6 configuration. The Hybrid 6 uses six 235W PV panels mounted as an array on the turbine's pole, and the GPS-driven tracking system keeps the panels presented toward the sun from horizon to horizon, which is said to increase the solar energy production of the array by up to 35% (compared with a fixed mount PV system).

Skystream Hybrid 6Skystream/Screen capture

The combined power output potential of this hybrid system is 3.8 kW, capable of delivering up to 700 kWh per month (depending on location and time of year), which is enough to offset most (if not all) of the electricity used by an average household in the U.S.

Find out more at Skystream: Hybrid 6.

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