Planned 7MW Offshore Wind Turbine Just Got Bigger

It might not quite match this 10MW floating wind turbine planned for Norway, but Vestas, which has previously worked with IBM super computers to increase wind turbine output, has just announced that its designs for an already huge 7MW offshore windturbine have been revised, upping the capacity to 8MW.

And big turbines are a big deal—especially in offshore locations where installation and maintenance costs will be higher than on land. The Vestas press release explains it like this:

The balance of plant will be reduced due to the increased power output per turbine. This means that the cost of energy will be reduced as the number of turbines, foundations, etc., as well as the required number of service visits will also decrease. The development of the new V164-8.0 MW turbine is progressing according to schedule and several main components are close to completion.

Of course Vestas has not been without its troubles. Way back in 2009, the turbine manufacturer was announcing mass layoffs and MarketWatch reports it has recently slipped into major losses. Business Green, reporting on the new larger turbine announcement, also delves into the details of the company's financial troubles—which Vestas says were caused, in part, by unauthorized deals made by their previous CFO:

The news came as Vestas confirmed it had terminated a severance agreement with its former chief financial officer, after it emerged he could have lost the company up to €18m by signing deals without board approval.
Vestas said Henrik Nørremark signed two agreements in India last year, which neither the board nor chief executive Dietlev Engel knew about. "Henrik Nørremark seems to have entered into these agreements in violation of the company's internal provisions regulating his power to bind the company as well as the company's interests in general," the company said in a statement. "Through his dispositions, he appears to have caused Vestas a loss of €4m, possibly up to €18m.

Let's just hope that the new, larger turbine is more effective than the company's former CFO.

Planned 7MW Offshore Wind Turbine Just Got Bigger
Vestas announces that its huge offshore wind turbine, currently in development, will offer 8MW of capacity, not 7, as originally anticipated.

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