Offshore wind turbine concept includes a loft apartment at the top

Wind Turbine Loft
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Offshore wind turbines keep getting bigger and bigger, and the size of new and proposed offshore wind energy projects is increasing, so it stands to reason that a corresponding increase will be seen in the number of wind turbine technicians needed to maintain and repair them.

One architecture studio has an idea about how to house all of those technicians while they're out inspecting offshore wind farms - by building apartments inside the nacelle of the turbines.

Morphocode, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is proposing the "Wind Turbine Loft":

"Wind turbine loft is a solution that combines living and working environment in a single entity of an unusual atmosphere. Instead of following the traditional ideology of the Loft movement: the well-trodden path of recycling abandoned commercial spaces, considered to be obsolete by a certain industry, we embrace the idea of finding new and unexplored territories for the concept of Loft living." - Morphocode

Great concept, right? Except for the fact that there is no mention about what it would take to make it into a livable space, considering the loft would be located right behind an enormous rotating blade, and directly above a giant electrical generator, high above the ocean, in an extremely windy location. But perhaps all of those factors could be dealt with and overcome, assuming a wind developer was willing to even entertain the idea.

If the current wave of interest in tiny homes, minimalist apartments, eco-friendly green-built and smart houses are any indication of the direction that residential buildings will take in the future, it might be a stretch to see the interest in living inside of a wind generator. But because it seems there's no rhyme or reason for people's taste in anything, I'm sure that if these lofts ever get built and opened up to the public, there will be a very long waiting list for new residents.

Check out the Wind Turbine Loft concept at Morphocode.

Offshore wind turbine concept includes a loft apartment at the top
These architects propose building a living space into the nacelle of giant offshore wind turbines. What could go wrong?

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