New Vertical Axis Urban Wind Turbine Needs a Kickstart

BE Wind VAWT© BE Wind
Urban wind power and small-scale wind power designs come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them feature just one turbine, along one axis. But a new design diverges from the norm by featuring twin blades, mounted next to each other, and uses a "nose" to keep the entire unit facing into the wind.

This unusual design comes from BE Wind, in Fort Worth, TX, which is currently looking to improve their prototype and be able to make them more cost-effective with a Kickstarter campaign:

"We will be using the money to fabricate tools that are needed to set up the production for the wind turbines. We will manufacture tools to form the wind blades, casting tools for the structure, fixtures, and assembly jigs. We would also like to get a few more turbines out into the environment so that we can get rock solid data back from the end user. We are also working to upgrade the current prototype to our new design and get a permit to have it run on our building for test data. By creating production tooling we can bring down the cost of the Urban Wind Turbine from $30,000 to we expect between $10,000-$12,000." - BE Wind

The BE Wind EOW2 was designed as a supplemental energy source for urban areas with abundant wind energy (the prototype is said to generate power in winds as low as 6 mph winds), and one of the prototype units (3.6kW) has been operating on a building in Fort Worth area for over a year.

The Kickstarter campaign has just 16 days left to go, so if you'd like to back the project, don't wait too long!

[via Reddit]

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