New Version of Aerogenerator X 10MW VAWT in the Works

Plans for a prototype of a new and improved version of Wind Power Limited's Aerogenerator vertical axis wind turbine have been unveiled, and the company claims to generate twice the power as their original, while cutting the weight of the unit by half.

According to Wind Power Limited, the Aerogenerator X is the result of of an 18‐month feasibility study (called the NOVA project), and is a viable and cost-effective solution for offshore wind power in the UK. The newest version is anticipated to generate twice as much power as their initial design, and because the sails (blades) are made from carbon fiber, to only weigh half as much.

The company is currently working on a fully operational 50kW prototype demonstrator, which will be used to better understand the engineering performance and aerodynamic behavior of this design while in use, and to fully test the unit in offshore conditions before work on the planned 10MW version begins. The demonstrator should be operational by October 2012 at Cranfield University.

Wind Power Limited also announced that it is in the process of entering a Memorandum of Understanding with Arup to help continue with the development of the project.

The 18‐month NOVA project feasibility study was a collaboration by Cranfield University, QinetiQ, Strathclyde University, Sheffield University and Wind Power Limited, and was funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (a public private partnership comprising BP, Caterpillar, EDF, E.ON, Rolls‐Royce, Shell, BP, EDF, EON, Caterpillar, the UK Government and Wind Power Limited).

New Version of Aerogenerator X 10MW VAWT in the Works
Offshore wind power may soon get a bit of a different look, thanks to this unique double-armed vertical axis wind turbine from Wind Power Ltd.

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