Ikea Now Offers Wind and Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

solvinden ikea lamp solar wind powerNOTCOT / YouTube/Video screen capture

Ikea's Solvinden line has included a wide variety of solar powered lamps for several years, and now it's taking things further, with lamps that have both solar panels and wind turbines. We've seen wind-powered lighting before, but it's nice to see the Swedish furniture giant's jump on board: It's a sign that the technology is going mainstream.

In this video, uploaded by NOTCOT, product developer Philip Holm explains how it works and why he likes it:

The latest Solvinden lamp comes with LEDs that will last 20,000 hours. It's cable-free, making outdoor lighting a lot easier and guaranteeing that the lamp will generate all of its own electricity. Simple, smart and cool-looking: three for three.

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