Sleek Wooden Wind Turbine Is an Antidote to NIMBYism

There are a lot of wild wind turbines out there, from the inflatable, high altitude variety to those inspired by bumblebee wings. This design is also innovative, but really stands out for its sleek wooden blades, which should appeal to those who are put off by the unappealing traditional wind turbine.

Enessere, an Italian clean technology company, calls the turbine the Hercules, despite its slim, almost dainty look. Designed by Terry Glenn Phipps, the vertical axis setup can take advantage of wind coming from any direction, so the entire mechanism doesn't have to reorient to adapt to shifting weather conditions.

The three wooden blades each measure three meters long and weigh about 15.5 pounds. The Hercules generates 3kW, just a fraction of a large turbine's output. But, with its focus on design and aesthetics, the Hercules is not made for commercial applications. Rather, it's for individuals who want to use renewable energy but don't want a hulking metal pinwheel in their backyard. Perhaps if the Scots were installing a line of these offshore, Donald Trump wouldn't be quite so pissed off.

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Sleek Wooden Wind Turbine Is an Antidote to NIMBYism
A new turbine design, with wooden blades, is powered by wind coming from any direction.

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