Dutch wind turbine crowdfunded in just 13 hours

In what is being claimed as a "new world record for crowdfunding", all 6,648 shares of electricity from a Vestas wind turbine were sold to 1700 Dutch householders at €200 per share, raising about 1.3 million Euros in just 13 hours.

Windcentrale, a Dutch company specializing in cooperative wind turbine purchases, put together the deal, which will net each share about 500 kWh of clean electricity per year. The turbine is an older Vestas V80 2-MW model located in Culemborg, and the energy will be sold through an energy company, Greenchoice, which has about 350,000 customers.

The turbines being funded at WindCentrale are older models, bought from project developers, energy companies, or financial institutions, and each wind turbine share system set up by the company has its own cooperative ownership structure, with a separate contract with the manufacturer for maintenance. A yearly fee of €23 per year for maintaining the turbine is also required from shareholders, who can monitor wind speeds and energy production levels at the turbine with a smartphone app.

"A Wind Volume is expected to yield an average of 500 kWh per year. The value of 500 kWh that is if you compare it to the average variable energy rates of Essent, Nuon and Eneco more than 42 euros. If you count with an average price increase of power for the next 12 years of 3% (1% above inflation) than the yield over 8.5% and you will save over 120 euros with a wind Part of 200 euros." - Windcentrale, via Google Translate

Find out more about buying shares in a Windcentrale project at their website.

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