A close up tour of large-scale wind energy

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There can be few technologies that elicit a more divisive reaction than wind turbines. For me, every time I see them, they raise a smile. For others, they're just bird mangling tools of the globalist alarmist conspiracists.

I guess we're all entitled to our own opinions.

What's exciting, however, is that wind turbines are getting cheaper, larger, taller and more efficient. Which should mean that we can generate more energy from fewer turbines. Robert Llewellyn took his latest episode of Fully Charged to a 14.4 MW wind farm in rural Northamptonshire. These turbines have a whopping 100 meter diameter and stand over 100 meters tall.

But what's more impressive—as Charles Haworth, Operations Leader for Onshore Wind for General Electric explains—is the fact these turbines are actually babies compared to some of the technology that's being deployed elsewhere in the world, where height restrictions are less stringent. In other parts of the world, turbines are going up that are over meters tall, meaning steadier wind speeds and more energy generated.

In my backyard of North Carolina, many credit larger turbines as the reason why the state's first wind farms finally under development.

Anyhow, that's enough hot air from me. Check out this fascinating interview on the current state of wind energy. It's very encouraging. And if you're enjoying the episodes of Fully Charged that we post here—please consider supporting Robert Llewellyn's adventures through Patreon.

A close up tour of large-scale wind energy
At 100 meters in diameter, wind turbines really are getting monstrously large. So what do they look like close up?

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