3D Printed Lamp Doubles as Wind Turbine, Powers Itself

Margot Krasojevic combines three of our favorite things, LEDs, 3D Printing and vertical axis wind turbines, to create the Air Turbine Light that spins in the breeze, generating the electricity it needs to operate.

The Air Turbine light comprises of the following main components:
- A propeller mounted on a shaft, in this case the outer shell attached to the axis via an rotor arm.
- An Alternator or Generator for producing the electricity when the shaft is rotated, in this instance a dynamo which lights the LED.
The body of the light is attached to a vertical axis which turns a diode rotor that transforms the movement into light.
The 3d printed shell traps wind which rotates the axis in turn generating and transforming this energy into light.

The lamp is functional a propeller that uses the wind’s kinetic energy to turn it. The light is generated by the spinning of wire coils past magnets generating electrical current to power the LED bulbs. Appropriate to its shell form the design has been printed in a ceramic material that is lightweight and durable enough to spin in the wind.

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3D Printed Lamp Doubles as Wind Turbine, Powers Itself
How clever is this? Spinning in the wind runs a generator that charges the lamp.

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