You Could Win a Copy of Sylvia Earle's Latest Book, 'Ocean: A Global Odyssey'

Free the Ocean has three copies to give away.

Cover of book showing a school of fish on an illustrated marine background

National Geographic Society / Treehugger

If you were asked to list some famous ocean researchers, there's a good chance that Dr. Sylvia Earle's name would be at the top of that list. The American-born marine biologist is considered a top expert on ocean science and conservation, which has earned her the status of National Geographic Explorer at Large. 

Nicknamed "Her Deepness" by a New Yorker profile in 1989, Earle is known for pioneering the role of women in marine biology. After being told she couldn't join a male crew of researchers testing an underwater habitat, she headed up an all-female crew in 1970 that did exactly the same thing, forever changing the world's perception of female-driven research.

Earle leads Mission Blue, a coalition of 200+ ocean conservation groups and other likeminded organizations that strives to protect marine environments, support valuable expeditions, and educate people about the ocean's critical role in supporting life on Earth.

Another way in which Earle does this is through her ever-popular books. She has just published a new one, released in November 2021 by National Geographic. "Ocean: A Global Odyssey" is a lyrical and inspiring guide that describes "the evolution, beauty, and impact of our ocean; the challenges it faces, such as climate change, plastic, and overfishing; and the myriad ways we can help protect it."

While we non-oceanographers may be vaguely aware of these issues, Earle's writing and the stunning photography that accompanies it brings it to life in a fresh way, revealing how—as Earle says herself—"everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent on the existence of the sea."

The book has been well-received by critics, readers, and fellow scientists. Jane Goodall said, "In this elegant, eloquent portrayal of the ocean, Sylvia Earle conveys a sense of wonder, urgency, and hope that bold actions taken now to protect the living seas will not only benefit coral reefs, fish, and whales, but also prove vital for the future of humankind."

Richard Branson described "Ocean" as being an "extraordinarily beautiful book by the most extraordinary woman. Perhaps the greatest advocate our oceans have ever had." Leonard Lauder, chairman emeritus of the Estée Lauder Companies, Ltd., said it is "a must-read ... a meaningful book and an incredible one!"

Now we are excited to announce that you could own a copy of this book, too. Free the Ocean, the organization that provides a daily environmental trivia game to spur the removal of plastic pollution from oceans and coastlines, is offering three signed copies of "Ocean: A Global Odyssey" in a giveaway this month. You can enter the contest here, and hopefully soon find yourself immersed in Earle's underwater realm. Leave it out on your coffee table, and you might just inspire a child to follow in Earle's venerable footsteps someday.