Will Garden Shed Home Offices Catch on in North America?

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Uncle Wilco shows us yet another british Garden home office design, the O-Pod. It's full of green goodness like FSC timber andrecycled insulation, from Aidan Quinn, who previously built the lovely Eco-pod. There are so many of them now.

But will they catch on in North America?


O-Pod Interior, credit eco-hab

I discussed the future of sheds in America with Alex Johnson, author ofShedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution, and suggested that conditions were very different in the UK. My points:

  • The climate is more extreme in much of America;
  • People have greater expectations of the temperature and humidity of their workplace being stable and within a couple of degrees of ideal;
  • People have bigger houses, often with basements, so that they can find space within the home to have an office;
  • People are more security conscious and would not leave expensive hardware in a backyard shed;
  • People are obsessed with the price per square foot of everything and find them too expensive.
  • Where's the fridge?

On the other hand;

  • Sheds provide a distance and separation that one often needs for work;
  • It is cheaper and more flexible than adding a room;
  • It is a great opportunity to experiment and mix a little modern into your life;
  • If it is used only for work it is probably fully tax deductible.
  • If you are moving home to mom because of the recession, it is a cheaper way to get a little space.

What do you think?

Will Garden Shed Home Offices Catch On in North America?Market Research

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