Would Your Dog Come to Your Rescue?

Perry's bark doesn't sound so much like a warning to the burglar as a shriek of surprise: There's a man in the house!. Snapshot from YouTube/Inside Edition

Dogs do a lot for us every day.

Feeling down? Have a snuggle. Stressed? Pet some fur. Through thick and thin, they’re at our side, stalwart companions on the sometimes bumpy road of life.

But have you ever wondered how your dog would respond if that road takes a dangerous turn? Would your dog defend you tooth and nail from a home intruder? Or turn tail and fly out the door?

At this moment, you might even turn to your canine companion and offer a knowing smile: Of course you’d protect me, wouldn’t you sweet, faithful Luna?

Well ... a news crew recently tested that very idea, revealing the results in a YouTube video that may spark a little friction in your friendship.

For the experiment, the crew from "Inside Edition" used an actor to stage a violent home invasion. In each case, a human is alone with their dog — and suddenly a man in black rushes inside, appearing to attack the homeowner.

So what does the faithful hound do?

Well, in the case of a 5-year-old Labrador named Perry, it’s a token woof at the intruder — and then a beeline for the door.

Mom is left screaming inside. In a heartbreaking moment, she even calls out his name.

But Perry is OUT OF THERE.

Perry the dog heads out the door while his owner is attacked.
Trouble? See ya!. Snapshot from YouTube/Inside Edition

"This is called flight," a dog expert who reviewed each dog's performance in the clips. "Her tail is tucked. She’s actually looking for a way out."

Then there’s Ruby. She’s a bigger dog, with a little bit of pit bull in her. Surely, that bogus burglar is going to catch some teeth.

"I believe she’s going to bite, but I’d like to find out," her owner says.

We do, too. But when the intruder appears, Ruby exits stage right.

Let’s not use too big a brush to paint all dogs as cowards. For one thing, this is a tiny sample size. The "Inside Edition" crew tested the mettle of only a handful of dogs. For another thing, we can’t discount the possibility these dogs saw through this clever guise — no matter how well staged the home invasion — and left the room bitterly disappointed their human friends showed so little faith in them.

Besides, there’s Frodo. The last dog tested in the video. He’s tiny. But that heart! He’s the only dog to not only confront the assailant, but also chase him right out of the house.

A small talk fights off a home intruder.
Bravo, Frodo!. Snapshot from YouTube/Inside Edition

There’s also the kindness of stranger dogs. Like this stray in Montenegro who reportedly leapt into action when he spotted a woman being attacked on the street. The little dog, as seen in the YouTube video below, launched a furious attack on the assailant, chasing him down the street.


So no, we won’t judge every dog by the actions of a handful. But it may cast doubt on just how stalwart your faithful friend really is — especially when danger walks in the door.

Maybe as you were reading this, your dog flew to the window and barked menacingly at the mail carrier ... from the safe confines of the house. But watch the video for yourself. Maybe it's time to look at that window-growling in a different light.

All talk. No action.