Florida Everglades Fire Spreads to 32,000 Acres

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The Sawgrass Fire in the Florida Everglades has almost doubled in the course of one day. It now covers 32,000 acres.

The brush fire is just south of Interstate 75. Smoke from the blaze is also drifting across the state, causing poor air quality and low visibility, especially in Broward, Palm Beach and Collier counties.

Officials working to contain the fire.
The fire has covered 32,000 acres so far. FL Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services/Twitter

The last official update reported that the fire is 30% contained.

Weather conditions over the past few weeks in Florida have been dry and even warmer than normal. This has created good conditions for a brush fire to spread.

According to the Florida Forest Service, the fire was likely started by a lightning strike and began around 6 p.m. on June 23.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is asking residents in the area to observe Wildfire Smoke Safety precautions.

The Everglades and its inhabitants are being affected by the blaze.
Officials working to stop the spread of the fire. Florida Forest Service: Wildfire/Forestry/Twitter

Officials and firefighters from all over the state are working to stop the fire. Thunderstorms are projected for the area starting Wednesday.

The hope is that the rain will help contain the fire, though if strong winds prevail instead of the rain, it could cause more harm than good.