Wild Permaculture Forest Gardening on the BBC (Video)

wild forest permaculture garden photo
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The BBC seems to have gotten on a permaculture kick lately. Not long ago the broadcaster aired a beautiful and big thinking documentary about peak oil, agriculture, and one farmers' attempts to redesign her farm along permaculture principles. Now I've just come across a great video in which the BBC's very own gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh explores a stunning forest garden created by two of the pioneers of permaculture in Britain. Just like the awesome video tour of Mike Feingold's permaculture allotment, I am sure that this style of gardening won't win over the advocates of neat lawns and perfectly manicured hedges. But it's hard to deny that Maddy and Tim Harland, the creators of Permaculture Magazine, have created a truly beautiful and productive garden space—and by the looks of things it is one that doesn't place too many time demands on its stewards either.

Interestingly, over at her blog Maddy shares some concerns about appearing on television discussing permaculture. While she is clearly keen to help the concept reach a broader audience, she is aware that it is all too easy to pigeon hole such a complicated and holistic approach to sustainable living as just another variation on organic gardening:

"Permaculture is not a garden fashion or a fad. It is part of the jigsaw of earth restoration - a design system for a post-carbon age. It forms the basis for much of the transition movement's thinking. One day I hope we will be given the chance to climb out of our happy, biodiverse and abundant garden box and explain more of the wider picture. But for now, enjoy the garden."