Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Tells You When Your Houseplants Need Water

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Screen capture. Koubachi

Koubachi/Screen capture

Okay. We don't need to create electronics that have a specific task of telling us whether or not our potted fern needs a misting. Is that a waste of resources? Yep. But the fact that we don't really need these things doesn't stop some people from creating them. For example, the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor.

Basically, the sensor is placed in the soil with a potted plant, where it can measure moisture, temperature and light intensity. It takes this information and analyzes it against information about the type of plant it has been partnered with, and it will then tell you what the plant needs and when. And yes, you can of course get the alerts and info on your iPhone.

Even though there are a lot of ways technology connects us with nature, this isn't exactly a technology that fills an important need. We've seen various versions of these sensors over the last few years, but they've never really been, well, green. Sure there are bound to be folks all ecstatic at the potential to finally, for once in their life, keep their houseplants alive. But for the most part, it sounds like a lot of e-waste.

At any rate, here's the video explaining how it all works: