Why Aren't Charlie Sheen's Cars in Charlie Sheen's Garage?

A HIGH SHEEN: It's all Charlie Sheen, all the time. (Photo: Evil Oars/Flickr).

Charlie Sheen loves cars, reportedly spending more than $1 million on them during his first week in rehab, reports GQ. Sheen has a particular affection for cars made by the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. The automaker must like seeing this repeat customer come through the showroom door.

Sheen’s cars also get wrecked, which is one reason he buys new ones. Twice in 2010, his Mercedes-Benzes S-Classes (a 2009 and 2010) were found off the road on Mullholland Drive in a bad state of repair. According to Sheen, both were stolen. His Bentley was stolen, too, but not wrecked.

Not all of the cars bought by Sheen are actually driven by Sheen. Access Holywood reported that several of the cars went to girlfriends (an S63 AMG Mercedes worth $160,000); and adult film star acquaintances, including a Bentley ($320,000) and a Porsche Turbo ($150,000). Ex-wife Brooke Mueller also got a car, a Benz CL600.

Sheen also occasionally sells cars from the Charlie Sheen Collection, including what is described as a “meticulously cared for” 1994 928 GTS. Sheen apparently “spared no expense” caring for the car, adding new Porsche carpet and factory leather. Since it was formerly owned by the actor, it could be a good investment. According to the ad, “It looks like Chaz took better care of this GTS than his wives.”

Sheen also wrecks cars in movies. For proof you can watch this chase from the 1987 movie "No Man’s Land":

Sheen plays a car thief — an interesting turnabout from real life. (There’s no record of Sheen stealing a car in real life, though he’s had at least three stolen from him.)