White House Isn't Behind 'Adorable Care Act'

Pets like health care, too. .:I'm-a-kitty-cat!:. [CC by 2.0]/Flickr

The Affordable Care Act has had its share of critics, but kittens, sloths and baby bunnies aren’t among them.

In fact, America’s cutest critters are such fans of Obamacare that they launched their own social media campaign to promote it.

The “Adorable Care Act,” which has a presence on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, recently gained national attention when the White House’s official Twitter account retweeted one of its images.

The photo of a mouse sitting on a tiny swing read, "I can rest easy knowing that lifetime caps on health coverage have been eliminated! Thanks, Adorable Care Act!"

The Adorable Care Act social media campaign features several images of puppies, ponies and other baby animals alongside supportive messages of Obamacare, but the Obama administration insists it’s not behind the precious political move.

The White House issued a statement Thursday saying it’s not responsible for the cute campaign, but that "the Adorable Care Act was highlighted by official White House channels as a creative way to raise awareness around the Affordable Care Act and HealthCare.gov."

Earlier in the day, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked about the Adorable Care Act during his daily briefing, but he said he wasn’t aware of it. However, he said he could understand the meme’s popularity.

"Everybody loves cute animals," he said.