This Whiskey Glass Was Designed for Imbibing in Space

Ballantine's 'Space Glass' will one day allow whiskey drinkers to enjoy their favorite beverage in microgravity. . (Photo: Ballantine's )

If you're one of the many whiskey drinkers who has put off journeying into space simply because there's no good way to enjoy your favorite beverage, today is your day.

Scottish distiller Ballantine's, in partnership with Open Space Agency’s James Parr, has designed the world's first whiskey glass optimized for drinking in the microgravity of space.

"Our brief was to develop a whisky glass that worked under the conditions of microgravity, the scientific term for zero gravity," says Parr. "It was important that we focused on creating a ritual around how you drink from the Ballantine’s Space Glass to ensure a familiarity of what we are used to here on Earth — the end result is one with several elements to that ritual, from the liquid entering the glass through to sipping from it."

Ballatine's poured an incredibly amount of time and vision into coming up with the Space Glass, studying everything from the ways various liquids behave in microgravity to the special distilling process necessary on Earth to further accentuate the smells and flavors.

“In space, you do not experience the sense of smell and taste with the same intensity as you do on earth,” Sandy Hyslop, Ballantine’s Master Blender, explained. “This meant I had to make the Ballantine’s Space Whisky more heightened in flavor and robust whilst maintaining the Ballantine’s signature style. Astronauts miss the taste of home so crafting a fruitier, stronger, more floral blend is a way they can keep the taste of home with them.”

While the glass itself is almost entirely composed of a special 3D printed plastic, Ballantine's added a Rose Gold mouthpiece to retain what it describes as "that evocative, cold touch on your lip as you drink."

No word yet on it if this innovative glass will be made available to those of us stuck on good 'ole terra firma. If you're interested in more details behind both the design and distilling for a whiskey beverage in space, check out Ballantine's in-depth chronicle on Medium.