Whimsical Jellyfish Air Plants Are Not Only Easy to Care For, They're Downright Adorable!

pink ombre jellyfish air plant

Photos courtesy of Cathy Van Hoang/PetitBeast

You might have noticed that succulents and air plants have rapidly risen in popularity the past several years. From Pinterest boards dedicated to air plant display ideas to Tumblr's dazzling succulent eye candy, these plants are all the rage.

People gravitate toward these plants not only for their striking, unusual beauty, but also due to their water-retaining abilities that make it exceptionally easy to care for them — even for those with the blackest of thumbs.

three jellyfish air plants

These qualities are what led Los Angeles-based artist Cathy Van Huong — a self-proclaimed black thumb — to begin her journey in air plant collecting. She quickly fell in love with their aesthetic and hardy nature, and as her home began filling up to the brim with these cute specimens, she started selling some of them to avoid falling into any hoarder-level habits.

She quickly realized she had a hit on her hands once she began selling her signature jellyfish air plants, which are created by sticking the plant inside a sea urchin shell and hanging it by string.

turquoise gold ombre jellyfish air plant

In an interview with Dearest Nature, Van Huong explains her thought process behind transforming the air plants into twirly jellyfish tendrils:

"The idea [...] was an accidental one. I had the right ingredients to make them from the start. Sales really started to pick up and I was running out of space, so I started to hang them from the ceiling and voila. All of the positive responses I’ve been getting from people makes me very happy. I’m really glad that people are able to relate to them."

sea urchin shells for jellyfish air plants

The results are truly whimsical, whether you're looking for quirky home conversation pieces or a fabulous wedding decor element.

Want to purchase your own Jellyfish Air Plant? Visit the Petit Beast Etsy shop, where you can choose from a variety of ombre color schemes (below) to adorn the sea urchins.

mint gold jellyfish air plant
pink ombre jellyfish air plants
milt gold jellyfish air plant
hot pink jellyfish air plant