3-Wheeled Electric Roadster Offers 200+ Miles of Open-Air Driving Per Charge

©. Vanderhall

The Vanderhall Edison2 electric auto-cycle promises to deliver loads of zero-emission driving fun, all wrapped up in a striking package.

The electric vehicle revolution can't happen fast enough, as far as I'm concerned. The sooner we can get cleaner transport options on the road, the better, and it's going to take all types of electric vehicles, from semis to trains to pickup trucks to small city cars and beyond.

Although many of us would likely choose a much more practical, and cheaper, electric vehicle as a daily runabout, such as an e-bike or light electric vehicle, most of the offerings on the market right now are for standard-sized cars that are heavy, costly (there aren't that many used EVs available yet), and frankly, kind of boring. However, there are some alternatives popping up from small auto shops and electric vehicle startups, such as the latest model from Vanderhall Motor Works. The company currently hand-builds several different models of gas-powered 3-wheeled vehicles in its Utah shop, but the Edison2 promises to deliver the same exciting open-air driving experience as the others, except in a higher-torque electric format.

Vanderhall Motor Works Edison2

© Vanderhall

The Edison2 is built on an aluminum mono frame and wrapped in an ABS composite body, and features dual electric AC induction motors paired with a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery pack to deliver high-torque performance to the wheels. The 0-60 time is said to be 4 seconds, with a top speed of 100+ mph, and the driving range per charge is estimated to be about 200 miles. This two-seater, which has an open canopy, weighs in at 1400 pounds and can carry up to 500 pounds of total weight, including the passengers.

Looks like fun, eh? If money was no object, I'd probably choose the Morgan EV3 over the Edison2, simply for the nostalgia factor (it's a Morgan!), but there's a lot to like about the Vanderhall 3-wheeler, including its lighter weight, longer driving range, and quicker acceleration, not to mention the fact that it's most likely half the price or less as the Morgan EV3 will be when it's available.

The Edison2 is probably anything but practical for those with kids, pets, long commutes, or living in rainy or cold climates. But then again, so is a motorcycle for the most part, and this 3-wheeled auto-cycle actually seats two, and considering that there are plenty of people who wouldn't think twice about spending $35k on a sportscar, I'd rather see more of these electric roadsters on the road than gas-powered muscle cars and diesel trucks any day of the week. If you've got $35,000 to drop on a new road toy, and you want to go electric, a $250 deposit will put you on the reservation list for an Edison2 at Vanderhall Motor Works. Production of the vehicle is expected to begin mid-2018.