Wheelchair-Friendly Tiny House Lets the Injured or Elderly Maintain Independence (Video)

Video screen capture. LineSync Architecture/Chibi Moku - Architectural Documentaries

As many people who live with disabilities or mobility issues will tell you, the built environment of our cities are frustrating to navigate and use, as they are often not built with this segment of the population in mind. Moreover, in the event of a life-changing accident, one's own home can suddenly become one of these inaccessible places.

Wilmington, Vermont firm LineSync Architecture designed this 200-square-foot tiny house prototype for families who find themselves faced with such a crisis, or for those with immobilized elderly family members who want to age in place, in close proximity to those who can provide loving support.

Dubbed the Wheel Pad, the home is a one-level structure on a mobile chassis base, which means that it won't require permitting in most areas of the United States. It can be attached to an existing home as a temporary place to stay, while the family renovates the main house to make it more wheelchair accessible, or prepares to move.

Check out the tour:

Designed in consultation with home health nurses, physicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists, the home features a number of essential modifications, like fixtures installed at a lower height, a larger bathroom with a double-swing door, and a ceiling track that acts as a Hoyer lift (an apparatus that can be hooked up to offer support to someone as they transfer from one space to the next).

According to LineSync:

With Wheel Pad, we will change the way our injured soldiers and civilians come home from rehab. Wheel Pad is “disruptive” in the best sense of the word. It seems everyone has a use for Wheel Pad including spinal cord injuries, people newly using wheelchairs or prosthetics, elderly veterans and civilians, hospice care, children with disabilities.

Nothing helps one to heal faster, or maintain health and independence better than living at home, within reach of one's loved ones. With a thoughtfully accessible tiny house addition such as this, it gives families another viable option to consider. More over at LineSync Architecture.

[Via: Tiny House Swoon]