What's That Tree? This App Puts an Arborist in Your Pocket

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Know your trees! The Arbor Day Foundation’s tree ID guide offers a mobile version of their award winning field guide.

How well do you know trees? And why does it matter?

Exhibit A:

Leaves and logos

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Chances are that most people know the Apple logo (#1) but not the Ash tree (#17), Shell, sure, but Sycamore? Not so much. We know celebrity names and sports statistics, but what do we know about the trees that support the planet? We'd be nothing without them, yet about them we know so little.

Of course, I'm cuckoo for trees and this is TreeHugger, after all, but I say the more familiar we become with our arboreal cohabitants, the more we will respect them – and the more we respect them, the better treatment they will receive. So why not start by introducing yourself to the trees who are your neighbors? Since they can't speak English, you can use the Arbor Day Foundation's What Tree Is That? app to help you discover who they are.

What tree is that?

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The app is the mobile version of the Foundation's award winning field guide and uses a step-by-step approach to identify more than 250 trees in the United States and Canada. It's intuitively designed and super easy to use. Once you've figured out your tree, the app provides illustrations and facts so that you can get to know one another. And then you can totally tree-nerd out by posting identified tree locations on Twitter and participate in the Foundation's crowd-sourced tree census.

And best of all, you can take pride in knowing more leaves than logos.

The app is available at iTunes for $4.99, alternatively, you can purchase a regional field guide or use the free online version here.