What to Do With Corn Husks and Cobs (Video)

corn husks left over photo
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Summer may be over, and with it the best of the corn season. But I still had to post this thrifty recipe tip from CHOW. Having already shared their tips on what to do with leftover potato chips and what to do with wilted lettuce, we now learn that corn husks, cobs and even silks should not be thrown away if you really want to be thrifty in the kitchen.

Of course, as I noted in my post on the leftover potato chips, many of these thrifty recipes are hardly going to eliminate food waste overnight. After all, corn husks and cobs are not exactly the largest part of most household's wastestreams (except maybe for a few weeks in July!).

But once again I'm reminded that these little thrift and waste reduction tips aren't just about the individual impact of one act. They are about rethinking our attitude to waste and discovering value where we previously saw trash. Maybe we really should sweat the small stuff after all. Especially if that means enjoying delicious corn-infused broth...