What Do You Get When You Cross a Pit Bull With a Dachshund?

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Rami half dachshund-half pit bull, all dog
Photos of Rami have received millions of comments on Facebook.

Moultrie-Colquitt Humane Society

An odd-looking dog at a Georgia animal shelter has become a global sensation after a photo of him went viral. The one-year-old dog named Rami arrived at Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society last week after a local man reported the dog in his yard.

When the man described the dog as "a pit bull dog possibly mixed with a Dachshund," shelter workers laughed, but animal control confirmed it. "It is a true pit bull head on a Dachshund body," Dawn Blanton, president of the local Humane Society, told WALB News.

Shelter workers waited five days for someone to claim Rami, but when no one did, they put him up for adoption.

They posted a photo of the fully-grown, 25-pound dog on their Facebook page and announced that Rami was looking for his forever home. No one expected what happened next.

Overnight Rami's photo received more than a million likes and comments, and since the photo was posted on Jan. 27, it's been shared more than 41,000 times.

Soon, the shelter was getting offers from across the globe to adopt Rami, but with all this attention, the Human Society employees say they want to ensure Rami goes to the right home.

"It's gonna be a pretty tough test for people that are wanting this dog," said Don Flowers, the shelter manager. "They're going to have to answer questions. We're going to do follow-up inspections on him, go out to people's homes if they're close by, and verify that that dog is OK."

The shelter says Rami is a sweet dog and will require some training. Although he may look tough, he's far from it. Flowers says Rami is terrified of the kittens at the shelter.

"If he's sitting up in your truck looking out the window, he's going to look like a pit bull dog until you let him out. And when you let him out, people are going to laugh at him because he's so short. But he's a cool little dog." Rami even has a Facebook page where he help the shelter.