What Do Mediterranean and Japanese Diets Have in Common?

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An interesting infographic explores the similarities between two radically different cuisines and how they're tied to longevity.

Inhabitants of Japan and the Mediterranean region are famous for their longevity. Senior citizens in these places often live to be 100 years old or more, baffling scientists, doctors, and nutritionists who have long tried to figure out what their secret could be.

Studies have linked longevity partially to diet, among other factors, but that leads one to wonder how two places with such drastically different diets could have similar long-living outcomes. Are there similarities in the way Japanese and Mediterranean cultures eat? If so, what are those?

The following infographic attempts to answer these questions by highlighting the parallels between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s an interesting and educational read, and of particular importance as these famed regions of the world actually experience a decline in longevity, due to evolving, Westernized diets among younger generations.

World's Healthiest Diets (infographic)

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