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What to Do With Leftover Storm Supplies? Have Some Fun!

It was the storm of the century…until it wasn’t.

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Disaster supplies, including flashlights, water, first aid kit, radio

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It can come as a great relief when the big, disastrous storm you’d been preparing for–and stressing over–doesn’t materialize. Maybe the meteorologists got it wrong, maybe the storm lost steam or changed direction...either way, you’re out of the danger zone, and your family is safe and sound.

But then there’s the matter of all those storm supplies you stocked up on. What to do with it all? Will it just go to waste? If you can’t donate or return the items, how about having a bit of fun with them?

We’ve crafted some unusual and fun ways to make the most of your leftover storm supplies.

Lose the Lucky Charms, and whip up a proper breakfast instead.

GP french toast GIF

Spread a blanket on the living room floor, gather around and chow down.

GP indoor picnic

It’s a “kitchen sink” kind of recipe: throw it all in, and stir. Makes a great snack for kids’ school lunches.

GP trail mix

Take me to your leader! A great adventure/pretend game for the kids. Bonus points if you pitch a tent!


Now’s a great time to teach the youngsters about the miracle of nature. (Hint: Place the toilet paper on top of the soil to help insulate it and distribute the water . )

GP apple tree

Use plastic spoons for the head and neck, toilet paper rolls for the body, markers to draw faces and clothes, and tape to keep it all together. Or a variation of your choice.

Gp puppets