Whale 'Breach Party' Stuns Travelers in Maui

When you go whale watching on vacation, you just want a glimpse of the large ocean mammals as they swim majestically through the water.

Don't you just love when Mother Nature exceeds your expectations?

This group of whale watchers got the thrill of a lifetime. Their tour in Maui yielded three massive humpback whales breaching in succession.

The large creatures launch themselves multiple times for onlookers on the boat. You can hear the excitement and awe in their voices as the whales flip mid-air.

The two videos give different perspectives from the boat. One shows an unobstructed view of the whales as they twirl amongst the waves.

The other shows the tourists quickly whipping out their phones, reacting in astonishment and clapping for the graceful show given by the oceanic beasts.

These videos, the whales and Mother Nature all deserve a round of applause.