Floating Ship Crane Converted Into Urban Garden in Antwerp

Urban gardens can pop up in the weirdest of places. Take this green space in the Belgian port city of Antwerp for instance -- built by Belgian art collective Time Circus, it's been placed on an abandoned ship crane, and outfitted with a treehouse made out of recycled materials, and even has a chicken coop.

Commissioned by the MAS Museum and docked at Bonapartedok, the temporary, floating Welvaert Welton garden is aiming to raise local awareness about how urban agriculture might operate, through community workshops on composting and homemade cider parties. Not only is there a vegetable garden, there's also a greenhouse, and a kitchen where food can be prepared using ingredients straight from the garden.

According to Inhabitat, Time Circus is planning to extend the project further:

We caught up with one of Time Circus’ designers, Sebastiaan Boumans, who was building a second floating project next to the garden. The new adventure consists of a traveling floating bar, atelier for artists and kitchen, all in a single boat. He is building it from wood left over from some train tracks and the plan, he said, is to take the floating project to Lisbon and the Czech Republic.

Though this innovative garden project is intended to go on until 2014, it is one great example of how neglected city spaces can unexpectedly become green and productive -- and even travel to far off places to spread the idea. More enticing images over at the Welvaert Welton page on Facebook (Flemish/Dutch) and Inhabitat.