What's That Noise Coming From the Forest?

There's something howling in the woods of Moricetown, B.C. though no one is exactly sure of the source. (Photo: Shelley Wilson/YouTube)

There's something in the woods around Moricetown in central British Columbia, Canada, and it's making some terrifying noises.

The video above, posted last week, captures some eerie howling unlike anything we've heard before. (Turn up the volume on the video above, and be warned that the camera man is a bit chatty.) The current theory posited by some is that it's the call of either a bull moose or elk, species native to the region. For comparison, here are videos of each of their calls below.

Others, meanwhile, have taken things a bit further, claiming that the calls are proof of bigfoot or even aliens. Still, the phenomenon doesn't appear to be limited to British Columbia.

"We have been having similar sounds coming from north of the lake here in Kingston, Ontario," wrote one commenter on YouTube. "We caught the same sounds out by the hunting camp ... north of Battersea. I've lived in the country most of my life and been hunting every year for the last 23. I have never felt a sound like these before. Sounds are the same as yours."

As you might expect, no one appears particularly eager to investigate the source of the noises. It's also possible that this entire thing is just one big, well-produced prank.

For what it's worth, we prefer to chalk it up to being a vocally-gifted elk and continue into the holidays believing that monsters aren't real and living in the woods of Moricetown, B.C.