Weekend Watch: 3 Fun Dog Videos to Make You Smile

Photo: Aleksei Smolensky/Shutterstock.

After the week I had, I need a little comic relief. Enter the Internet! Fortunately, there is never a shortage of fun videos to be found. As I've got pets on the brain these days, I found myself surfing the web in search of videos starring furry friends -- specifically dogs. And I found three priceless clips that we worth the share.

From sad, to silly, to sleep, these videos are certainly worth the watch. Check them out and let me know if you have any funny pet videos to share.

Sad. This poor doggie looks like he is in some major trouble. And the background music really ups the drama! I wonder -- would it be as funny if we could understand what he is being scolded for?

Silly. Clyde wants a kitty, He really, really wants a kitty.

Sleepy. Oh poor Stanley. I know just how you feel, buddy! This looks pretty familiar on Monday morning, doesn't it?