Websites for People Who Really Love Cats

Photo: Zview/iStockphoto.

Does your Pinterest page have too many cupcake recipes and not enough cats? Do you wish your Facebook feed featured fewer baby pics and more feline photos?

If so, there’s a new social media website designed just for (cat) people like you: Catmoji.

Matthew Phiong and Koekoe Loo Wan Koe created the site, which was unveiled on Dec. 24 with the aim of becoming the “Facebook for cats.” (The site has since closed.)

Catmoji’s design is similar to Pinterest, and members can share photos, videos and GIFs of the Internet’s favorite furry critter. Users — who are represented by their “catvatars” — can browse for cat content by moods like “funny” or “sad” and leave feedback in the form of comments or “emoji.”

“The Internet loves cats. We also love cats, and cats make people happy,” Phiong and Wan Koe told in an email. “Our mission is to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats.”

The website is currently in its beta stage, so you’ll have to request an invite to join, but luckily there are plenty of other cat-focused websites you can peruse while you anxiously await your invitation.


If you're seeking a cat-loving soulmate, there's no better place to meet the cat man or cat lady of your dreams than on Launched in 2007, the website offers free membership and users can create profiles, post photos, video chat with members and tune in to PURRsonals TV.


Designed specifically for cat lovers, this social network lets you personalize a profile, post photos and interact with other cat lovers across the globe. Users earn badges as they interact on the site, and each week a very special feline is featured as's Cat of the Week.


This feline-friendly social network is a place for cat people to come together to chat about cats, blog about cats, post videos of cats and connect with other cat lovers across the globe. Register for an account at


Have you tried to create a Facebook profile for your feline, but the social network wouldn't allow it? Don't worry. There's Catbook, an app that enables you to build and maintain a social media profile just for your beloved pet. The app even creates a timeline for your four-legged companion just like your own profile.


Founded in 2004, Catster, bills itself as "a resource for real cat owners who passionately argue the merits of catnip at dinner." In addition to a wealth of information on caring for your cat, the website also features adorable photo galleries and an adoption page.

Kitten War

All kittens are adorable, but if you believe that some are cuter than others, check out, a website where cat photos battle it out for cuteness and your vote helps pick the winner.