6 of the Web's Best Laughing Baby Videos

That's one big, wonderful baby smile!. (Photo: Max Bukovski/Shutterstock)

Monday got you down? Maybe you just need a good laugh to straighten out your day. And you just won't find a better reason to laugh then giggling along with these beautiful babies. New mom Lauren Hoernlein captured this sweet video of her son Antonio laughing away in his sleep. She added in the video's comments: "He laughed for at least 10 minutes too! I wish I had dreams like that." Me too, Lauren. Me too... (Click on the image to play the video.)

Antonio's Sleeping Giggles

Baby Micah's Infectious Laugh

Eight-month-old Baby Micah has an infectious laugh. And he's not afraid to use it! In this video, he laughs hysterically — and I mean hysterically — over ripping paper. I will never rip up a piece of junk mail again without thinking of this sweet little fella.

Turns out, Baby Micah laughs so often and so wonderfully, that his parents have created a whole "Baby Laughs Hysterically ..." series capturing this little fellow's joy over everything from the phone to the bathtub, to celery. Here is one of my favorites. Baby Micah laughs hysterically over daddy's burp noises.

Double the Chuckles

What could be better than watching one baby laugh? How about watching two?

Quadruple Chortles

Or even four...

Major kudos to that mom for getting all four kids to sit still at the same time AND for having enough energy to video this sweet scene rather than passing out in a heap in the corner.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing at the Dog

OK, need one more? How about this one of a baby laughing so hard at his dog that he falls over — twice! But still, he gets up and just keeps on laughing.