Web Cartoonist the Oatmeal Shares His (Hilarious) Experience Owning a Tesla Model S

Warning: Some NSFW language

As someone who has been covering Tesla Motors since 2006, I'm so happy to see how things have turned out. It went from this vaporware car that people thought looked cool but would never be made, to this expensive toy for rich people, to that company that was going to go bankrupt during the 2008-2009 financial crisis, etc... To the best reviewed car ever by Consumer Reports with record breaking safety ratings that can't be made fast enough (there have always been waiting list), with all kinds of ground-breaking innovations (the fast-growing, sun-powered, free-to-use Supercharger network, for example), and a new more affordable model coming within a few years. Talk about a journey!

But one of the most satisfying as a long-time Tesla supporter is to read all the reviews by non-car people who finally get to experience an electric car the way the technology was meant to be used (not just a regular car converted, but a vehicle designed from the ground up to be the very best possible EV). Katherine's review was great exactly for the reason.

Another great new review - the first that I've seen in cartoon format - comes from The Oatmeal. You really must check it out!

You should really check out the whole thing at The Oatmeal: part 1, part 2 (which is mostly a plea to Elon Musk to help complete a Nikola Tesla museum).

Update: Elon Musk responded to The Oatmeal's plea for help with the Tesla Museum!