Keep up to date with current and historic weather events, and explore the world of both common and obscure meteorological terms.
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Rain and storm winds blowing trees
Are Hurricanes Getting Stronger Because of Climate Change? Weather Analysis
Flood On Road During Hurricane
What Is a King Tide? Definition, Risks, and Climate Change Impact
Saildrone camera view
Sailing Drone Captures First-Ever Footage From Inside a Major Hurricane
Close-up of planet Earth in space with the Sun in distance.
What Are Geomagnetic Storms? How Do They Impact Earth? Space Weather Analysis
A wall of sand engulfs a desert landscape and blue skies.
What Is a Haboob? An Overview of Weather's Colossal Dust Storms
The sun erupted with one of the largest solar flares of this solar cycle on March 6, 2012 at 7PM ET.
10 Spectacular Solar Storms That Have Shaped Earth's History
Zoomed out satellite image of an atmospheric river in the northern Pacific Ocean.
What Is an Atmospheric River? Overview and Impact on the Climate
Close-up of a turboprop plane sprinkling chemicals into clouds in a blue sky.
What Is Cloud Seeding? Understanding Weather Modification
A rainbow hovers over a waterfall on a clear day.
How Are Rainbows Formed? Overview and Ideal Conditions
Satellite image of two tropical cyclones interacting.
What Happens When Two Hurricanes Collide?
A child looks at his water bottle as the sun sets on June 15, 2021 in Los Angeles, California as temperatures soar in an early-season heatwave.
Heat Wave Continues to Bake US Northwest
View of a landscaped backyard during a hailstorm.
What Causes Hail in the Summer?
Wildfire burns near a neighborhood on a sunny day
What Is Fire Weather? Definition and Monitoring
Aerial view of an orographic, or mountain-triggered, rain shower.
What Is a Rain Shadow?
Storm chasing twin tornadoes
8 Terrifying Types of Tornadoes and Whirlwinds
View of spring flowers surrounded by melting snow
What Is Snowmelt, and Why Is It Important?
Baker Perry, right, and another expedition teammate install the weather station in Chile.
A Volcano in Chile Is Now Equipped With a Weather Station
A collage of the four seasons
How Do Meteorological Seasons Differ From Astronomical Seasons?
Tropical cyclone sky and palm trees in wind
What Is a Tropical Depression?
home in stormy day
A Comprehensive Guide to Safe Storm Shelters
A young boy flies a kite in a field with wind turbines.
What Causes Wind to Blow?
Hazy view of an African road during a dust storm.
Saharan Dust: Definition, Properties, and Impact
A tree half in a spring and half in a summer landscape.
Weather vs. Climate: What Is the Difference?
Lighting storm
What Is Heat Lightning?
A thunderstorm microburst sits on a flat horizon.
What Is a Microburst?
El Nino, illustration
El Niño vs. La Niña: Definitions and Climate Implications
Everything You Need to Know About Clouds
What Are the Different Types of Lightning?
Why Does Rain Smell?
7 Things to Know About the Summer Solstice
How Hurricanes Are Named (And Why)
The Real Meaning of the 'Dog Days of Summer'
City of Yakutsk, Russia, at winter dusk
9 of the Coldest Places in the World to Live
French Broad River and dirt road, Hot Springs, NC
How Do Trees Survive Winter? The Science of Dormancy
How to Prepare for a Blizzard
Maple-lined road in Vermont looking over a field and mountains, trees changing colors for Autumn
Here's When Fall Leaves Will Peak in Your Region
How You Can Use Australian Landscaping Ideas to Create a Drought-Tolerant Garden
12 Signs That a Hard Winter Is Coming
Chile, Coquimbo Region, Paso del Agua Negra, nieve penitente
7 Strange Ice Formations
Finding the Fibonacci Sequence in a Hurricane
Rare Weather Phenomenon Triggers Air-Quality Alerts in D.C.
Overhead aerial view of winding mountain road inside colorful autumn forest
Why Does Autumn Have Two Names?
What Is a Landspout?
What Is a Snow Squall?
Why It's So Hard to Predict Snowfall Accurately
What Is a 'Bombogenesis'?
Why Does Snow Make the World So Quiet?
sydney australia skyline, showing sydney opera house and tall buildings on harbor
10 Places With Warm Weather All Year
Blame the Dew Point, Not the Humidity
What Is a Haboob?
Person with umbrella at windy beach, Isle of Skye, Scotland
10 of the Windiest Places in the World
What Is Thundersnow?
Global warming, Heatwave hot sun, Climate Change, Climate emergency
What Causes Heat Waves? Formation, Impact, and Climate Analysis
How Do Hurricanes Affect Birds?
What Is a Waterspout?
Flaking Out: How Snow Forms
What Are Megaslumps, and How Do They Threaten Our Planet?
7 Snowstorms That Crippled the East Coast
palm trees in the hot sun
How to Handle Really Hot Weather

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