We Love Product Service Systems, but Would You Use a Netflix for Ties and Cufflinks?

Screen capture. Freshneck

Freshneck/Screen capture

In the early days of TreeHugger, Warren described the Product Service System (PSS)

Basically it is about providing the service of the product – what it does for you - without requiring the individual ownership.... Because we, in essence, share such human resources, instead of each of us all owning one apiece, the demand on natural resources is massively reduced.
Alex Steffen framed the concept more succinctly:
The average power drill is used only ten minutes in its lifetime, when what you really want is a hole.

Nobody appears to use the term PSS anymore, it's now the Sharing Economy on the Social Web, or Collaborative Consumption. But the idea remains the same: Why own when you can share, borrow or rent? And if it worked for ZipCar, why not for neckties?

That's the idea behind FreshNeck, a PSS for neckties and cufflinks, two of the most useless hangovers from the past that serve no purpose whatsoever anymore. Lifehacker calls it a Netflix for ties and notes that "It may not be ideal if you don't often wear a jacket and tie, but if you do, it certainly beats buying a ton of ties and accessories."

I am not so sure; neckties are a lot cheaper than a car, and for some, used a lot more than an electric drill. Most product service systems deal in something useful that people need, not something as archaic as cufflinks and neckties.

Freshneck isn't even alone in this, there is also TieTry. Seriously, we love Product Service Systems, but would you rent a tie?

Would You Rent A Tie?