We Are All Mia the Distracted Beagle

Every time we focus on a new task at work each morning, we think to ourselves, "I've got this! I can get this done in no time flat and then figure out lunch." But inevitably, we get distracted. Social media. Coworkers. Thinking too much about lunch. In these moments, we become Mia the beagle. Let me explain.

Mia is a competitor at the 2017 Westminster Dog Show's agility course. Just like you at work, she starts off admirably with the first few obstacles, but then distractions come into play.

The turf suddenly smells too interesting to ignore. Mia's handler gets her back on track after a little coaxing.

At the weave poles, Mia decides to pull over and thank her handler for helping her earlier and then does a little bit of grooming. She snaps out of her cleaning regimen as the crowd roars with laughter.

Things get better from there, and Mia finds a groove — and loses it as she spots something in the crowd that distracts her (twice!) while walking up a ramp. She finishes the course, albeit with 16 faults. (But as the commentator notes, Mia's run is "delightfully entertaining.")

The commentator also offers up some wise words we should all heed. When you start feeling distracted, just think to yourself, "Don't be a beagle. Don't be a beagle. Don't be a beagle."