9 Ways to Use Up Leftover Macaroni and Cheese

Photo: cookbookman/Flickr.

My friend Gwen asked on Facebook if anyone had any ideas for what to do with leftover macaroni and cheese. I didn’t at the time, but I told her I’d find out. I posed the question to my friends and as always, ideas poured in.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have this post together quickly enough for Gwen to benefit. She told me she tried an idea she saw online. “I added a can of pork and beans and cut up hot dog. Not so hot. Now we have leftover that. Looking forward to your post.”

Here you go, Gwen. Next time you have some leftover mac & cheese, try one of these ideas. I’m sure they all work with boxed mac & cheese or homemade.


  1. I just like to add a can of diced tomatoes with jalapeños. Mmmmm.
  2. I would do what Teresa said (the idea right above), then fry them into mac and cheese fritters.
  3. Heat up with chicken stock, diced chicken, and canned green chiles for a really nice soup. Sprinkle with additional cheese and/or melt in some cream cheese if you want it really creamy.


  1. Caramelize some onion, brown some chip steak, add leftover mac and cheese = "Mac and Cheese Steak."
  2. I cook up some lean ground beef or bison with onions and garlic, add in some chopped veggies (whatever I have in the fridge) and then mix in the leftover mac and cheese. It's quick and I tend to add in plenty of veggies to up the nutrient value. It's a family pleaser.
  3. Put it over left over taco meat and bake it.


  1. Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich
  2. Squoosh them into balls, then batter and deep fry them. Not health food, but I bet they'd get eaten FAST.
  3. Mini Mac & Cheese Muffins.