7 Ways to Use Up Leftover Corn on the Cob

Corn's a versatile food, especially when it's still on the cob. (Photo: spurekar [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

In my area of the country, the Fouth of July is more than just Independence Day. It’s the date when we know that we can start finding the local corn on the cob at the farmers markets and roadside stands. The heavy rains this year made the first harvests a little light, but I was still able to secure a dozen ears for the weekend of the fourth.

The first corn on the cob of the season is such a treat. I have pictures of my sons with kernels on their faces and butter running down their chin, happy as can be. In July, every ear I cook gets eaten; the last ear left gets fought over. So it’s hard to believe that a mere month and a half later, I have leftover corn on the cob after dinner. I’m still enjoying each bite, but the boys don’t get it yet. They don’t understand that in about three weeks, it’s gone.

Since local corn on the cob is such a precious commodity, it’s a shame to let the leftovers go to waste. If there is just an ear left, I’ll boil a little water and reheat it for lunch the next day. But last night, I had three ears left so I decided to do a little research to see what could be made from those three ears.

Here are seven ideas to turn that leftover corn on the cob into something new.

  1. Cut the kernels off the cobs and mix with a small bit of garlic, diced tomato (really just a bit), salt, pepper and some pumpkin seed oil. Makes a great summer salad. (via Chowhound)
  2. Cut the kernels off and toss them on top of a fresh salad (via PlentyOfFish)
  3. Use it to make corn chowder. Try this recipe that calls for three ears of corn from Simply Recipes.
  4. Corn fritters – try this buttermilk recipe from Mother Earth News or this regular milk recipe from Paula Dean (something tells me she knows how to make a mean corn fritter) Note: 2 large ears of corn are about the equivalent of one can of corn
  5. Make some avocado corn salsa
  6. Throw it into cornbread
  7. Add it to an omelet like in this fresh corn omelet with smoked mozzarella and basil