4 Ways to Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

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Image from engadgetmobile.com

Some people just love their cell phone and can't resist upgrading every year--especially if you are British. This makes for a lot of extra phones. The Guardian has 4 novel ways to recycle old ones...

1. Try Mobile phone throwing. Yes folks, the annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships is taking place in Finland tomorrow. You can chose the type of recycled cell phone; throw freestyle (last year a dog won this category), original or in teams and there are no doping tests. Start practising for next year now.

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Image from Robert Pettit

2. Make Art out of old phones

You can send your old phone to Robert Pettit in Boston. He collected 5,000 old cells and made sculptural art from them.

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Image from Kept

3. Keep your old phone and use it

You could keep your old phone, and tell the (blog) world why you have done that on Kept. It's a sweet little web site that urges people to "keep the stuff you've already got. To use it. To wear it. To celebrate it!"

They get to the nub of our consumer society when they explain that "Our relationship with stuff has become a bit rubbish recently. We all love shiny new things, but it turns out they don't make us as happy as we thought. This is our moment to start making things better: start by keeping something instead of replacing it, and most importantly tell people why you kept it! "

Created by a group of designers, writers, policymakers and business people, their mission is to:
* Help people to reduce waste
* Make it easier for companies to ‘Make Things Better’
* Keep things out of landfill and in fashion

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Image from Lifeline Africa

4. Donate it to a Good Cause

You could donate your old cell to a good cause.

Lifeline for Africa collects used phones and sends them to Africa. Some phones will be refurbished, and donated directly to charitable groups in Africa. Others will be refurbished and sold to make money for the charities.

Woodland Trust will receive a donation for every phone it receives. The money will be used for protecting forests.