9 Ways to Soothe the Itch From Mosquito Bites

CC BY 2.0. wikiHow

If you can't avoid the bite, you can at least alleviate the itch with the help of these easy natural remedies.

If the maddening sonic hum of a mosquito circling your head at night isn’t enough to keep you up, then the subsequent itch of her blood-sucking frenzy probably will. While some people remain virtually unbitten, for those who act as a mosquito feast, the resulting bites can go beyond aggravating to uncomfortable welts and when over-scratched, broken skin and potential infection.

The best plan, of course, is to avoid being bitten in the first place; a task easier said that done given that you’re up against a tenacious insect hell-bent on survival. But if you end up an itchy mess, these natural remedies might help. Some comes from the archives of granny wisdom, some have some science to back them up. All of them are easy and can be achieved with things you potentially have at home.

1. Use an ice cube: Rubbing an ice cube on the bite can chill the spot and offer enough temporary relief to stop the scratch-cycle.

2. Raid the medicine cabinet: Try things with cooling properties like minty toothpaste or Vick's – their anti-inflammatory goodness can help reduce pain, swelling, and itching.

3. Try essential oils: Also boasting anti-inflammatory properties, essential oils like peppermint, menthol, camphor, tea tree, eucalyptus, nutmeg, and thymol can go far to soothe the itch. (Only use products approved for use on skin and use sparingly.)

4. Dab with ammonia: While the thought of swabbing skin with ammonia might leave you squeamish, it is the active ingredient in products like After Bite, which Environmental Working Group gives a safe grade in their cosmetics database. Use just a tiny dab.

5. Hit the pantry: The wonder powder known as baking soda has long been a cure for all kinds of creature-meets-human ailments. Mix a small about with water to form a paste; apply and let it sit.

6. Try lemon juice: Easy, natural, and likely something you have on hand ... a few drops of lemon juice offers relief for some people. Can't hurt to try.

7. Apply aspirin: According to CNET, aspirin can be used by crushing it and applying it topically. They recommend crushing the pill with a spoon and adding water to create a paste, which can then be applied to the bite.

8. Call in the aloe: If your summer life or kitchen adventures require aloe vera for the soothing of burns, you can sneak a bit for mosquito bites as well.

9. Bring out the honey: This granny remedy is sworn to be effective by some; others say no. Regardless if it actually stops the itch or not, you'll be less likely to scratch an area covered in sticky stuff.

Do you have other remedies that save you from scratching? Leave them in the comments.