10 Ways That My Family Likes to Eat Eggs

Public Domain. Unsplash – Omelette with veggies and toast

We go through multiple dozens a week, but it never seems to get old.

After admitting that my family goes through four dozen eggs per week, I've earned the nickname "Katherine of the many eggs" by my colleagues. It's true, though. We eat so many eggs because nothing else compares when it comes to nutritional value, ease of preparation, versatility, and deliciousness. Living in a rural area, the eggs I buy come from local farmers with free-range hens, so I consider it a more ethical source of protein than meat.

So, how do we go through all those eggs? Let me name the ways! And if these can help inspire you to get homemade meals on the table in record time, all the better.

1. Fried or soft-boiled for breakfast: We fry eggs each morning in olive oil or do a quick soft-boil. We eat with buttered toast and an array of hot sauces that we collect on trips to the city.

2. Omelets: On weekends, when I have a bit more time, I fry whatever veggies are in the fridge (peppers, mushrooms, spinach) and make an omelet with cheese.

3. Hard-boiled: I like to cook a batch of eggs and keep them in the fridge for lunches. They're also good for slicing over a salad or grain bowl to make it heartier. (I just got an Instant Pot and am excited to try the hard-boiled egg setting for large batches.)

boiled egg

MaxPixel/Public Domain

4. Baked eggs: This is a rarer treat because the pan can be a nightmare to clean, but delicious. Grease a muffin tin well and sprinkle some green onion, spinach, olives, or other flavorings in the bottom. Crack an egg into each cup and bake until set.

5. Huevos rancheros: A go-to quick dinner, these eggs are poached in a zippy tomato sauce. I smother it in melted mozzarella (hardly authentic!) and serve with garlic toast and salad.

6. Quiche: We eat this a lot in the spring and summer, when there are so many greens to get through in our weekly CSA share. I sauté the veggies, then mix in an egg-milk mixture, and pour into a crust that's either a traditional pie dough or a press-in cornmeal base.

7. Frittata: Like an 'egg pizza,' frittata is a faster version of a quiche, poured into a cast iron skillet and cooked partially on the stove top, partially in the oven.

8. Spanish Potato Tortilla: This wonderful recipe cooks thinly sliced potatoes in a pan with onions, then adds a beaten egg-milk mixture. The whole thing sets like a big cake that can be sliced, similar to a frittata. I serve it with salad.

Spanish potato omelet

Joy – Spanish Potato Tortilla/CC BY 2.0

9. Spaghetti Carbonara: Pasta is a godsend to every parent, but even more so when you combine it with eggs for an impressively fast and satisfying dish. Toss hot noodles with beaten eggs, a bit of cream, Parmesan, salt, and pepper.

10. Egg Curry: I found this recipe in Madhur Jaffrey's Vegetarian India cookbook and it's heavenly. Eggs are hardboiled, then smothered in a curried tomato sauce and served with rice. It's always a hit with vegetarian dinner guests.

How do you like to eat eggs?