4 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Great Without Showering

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Because we don't all need to look like Barbie dolls all the time.

Shampoo commercials might imply you need to wash and style your hair everyday, but we all know that's not the case. Still, going without a shower for long enough tends to result in something resembling a bird's nest on your head. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your hair look good, no shower necessary.

Whether you're trying to reduce water, reduce dependence on products, on the road, or living without a shower, there are plenty of things you can do to make your hair look great.

(I should also add a disclaimer: These are methods that work with my hair. Some are universal, some may not work depending on your hair type.)


girl with braids

© Maridav/Shutterstock You just need a couple rubber bands to turn your hair into braids. And once braided, no one will be able to tell how greasy or messy your hair happens to be. This works in all but the most extreme hair situations (if even the top of your head looks hopelessly tangled, you may need to opt for something else).


bandana woman

© Victoria Chudinova/Shuttestock This one's a classic. There's a reason lots of cultures have veils, scarves or bandanas: no matter how your hair looks underneath, once you have a bandana on, you're good to go. As an added bonus, you can make a bandana out of just about anything (I've used T-shirts) ... So it's a good last-minute option.

Messy bun

hair messy bun

© Halfpoint/Shutterstock You might as well act like your hair looks messy on purpose. Messy buns are a popular style, so ride the wave! I've actually complimented people with messy buns, only to have them say, "Oh, my hair was a mess, so I just put it up."



© Maridav Who hasn't used a hat to cover messy hair? This option is easy and works perfectly no matter how your hair looks. The only drawback is, you need a hat.