5 Ways to Build a Campfire

There is nothing like sitting around a beautiful campfire with friends. So don't be that person who goes camping but doesn't know how to build a proper fire.

You probably know how to start a basic fire (from our helpful how-to guide), but it's time to flex your "Survivorman" muscles and dig deeper into this skill.

The video above details some of the best ways to build a campfire. You'll need tinder (no, not the app), kindling, fuel and oxygen to get started.

After that, it's up to you to figure out which of these scenarios best fits your needs.

Log cabin:

Log Cabin campfire

This is your basic build.


Teepee campfire

When speed is of the essence, try this one.


Pyramid campfire

Try this one when Mother Nature is being difficult — i.e. it's wet.


Lean-to campfire

And speaking of being difficult, if the winds are acting up, try this one.


Star campfire

And if you don't have all the ingredients — and that never happens, right? — this style of camp fire sidesteps the problem.