Wave Goodbye to Nail-Biting Chemicals With Priti's Nontoxic Polishes

Priti Nail Polish photo
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For years, savvy New Yorkers have been flocking to Priti's intimate East Village enclave, one of the first all-organic spas in the country, for their mani-pedi fixes. (Orange-ginger foot scrub, take me away!) The near-institution has since shuttered its doors—another nail salon now waits hand and foot on a different clientele—but Priti's signature nontoxic nail polishes continue to spread the gospel of fabulously painted tips without the noxious fumes.

Stripped clean of carcinogenic and birth-defect-causing offenders like toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate, as well as icky petrochemicals, Priti's varnishes are safe for both mothers-to-be, nursing moms, and their rug rats.

Color lovers can also take heart; the polishes are available in a prodigious number of exuberant hues, with evocative names like Love Lies Bleeding, Egytian Starcluster, and Sugar Daddy Petunia. For budding beauty junkies, a kid-friendly collection boasts phosphorescent shades like Wicked Stepmother's Dress, Treasure Island Gold, and Mermaid Blue.

Besides their high-impact, high-gloss attributes, the polishes are also fast-drying and chip-resistant—the color clung to my enamel without flaking for nearly a week. To lift off the varnish when your nails do start looking ragged, Priti's nail-polish remover, concocted from soybeans and lemongrass, leaves your hands smelling citrusy fresh—not like eau de nerve gas.

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