Waterlily Turbine Powers Your Outdoor Adventures With Wind and Water

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There is no shortage of great off-grid renewable power sources for your outdoor adventures from rugged solar chargers to the famous BioLite stove that charges your gadgets as you cook, but it's always fun to see new inventions that let us get away from the real world while still staying plugged in if we prefer.

Doing just that, Seaformatics' Waterlily is a portable turbine that generates electricity from both water and wind. It's small and lightweight, only weighing 1.8 pounds and measuring just 7 inches in diameter, so it can easily be popped into a backpack for a hike or camping trip. The Waterlily can

The turbine can be placed into running water, whether it's a running river or just a babbling brook to provide a boost to your smartphone or other gadgets. The turbine works at water speeds ranging between 0.6 mph and 6.8 mph, but it hits maximum output at 4.5 mph. The turbine is connected to a cable that anchors it to the shore while it floats in the current.

If there's no water source nearby, don't fret. The Waterlily also acts as a wind turbine, capable of producing electricity at minimum wind speeds of 6.7 mph, hitting its peak output at 45 mph. It can operate in wind speeds of up to 55 mph.

Seaformatics is also working on adding a hand crank to the device so that if all else fails, you can generate your own power. The company is also making a bike mount and tow cable available so that you can take advantage of the wind your produce when riding your bike or the current you make while paddling a canoe or kayak to charge the Waterlily's internal battery.

The Waterlily turbine will start shipping in August for $99, but the price will rise to $149 after that. You can pre-order the device on the Seaformatics website.