This Water Bottle Has a Secret Coffee Cup Inside

©. Hitch

It's an ingenious design that means you'll never have to choose between the two again.

How often have you looked at your reusable water bottle and your insulated coffee mug and had to choose between them? You may have wanted both, but knew you didn't have the space to carry them all day long. This is a familiar problem for many of us who strive to reduce our waste footprints. There's only so much we can fit into purses and backpacks, which means that one often gets left behind.

This could soon change, thanks to a clever new product called Hitch. Designed by two entrepreneurs from Santa Barbara, California, Hitch is a full-size, 18-ounce insulated water bottle with a 12-ounce coffee cup tucked inside the bottom. You turn a crossbar on the bottom of the bottle to release the cup. Once filled, a lid stashed at the top of the water bottle can be used to seal up the coffee cup. Even more ingeniously, the full cup can attach securely to the top of the water bottle, freeing up one hand if needed.

Hitch water bottle and cup

© Hitch

As its designers explain in a press release, this two-in-one design fills a real void in the marketplace:

"By stashing a cup inside something many already carry — a water bottle — Hitch makes it so the reusable cup is always available. And unlike collapsible cups, thermoses, or hybrid vessels, Hitch’s bottle and cup are full-sized, insulated, and include leak-proof lids. Hitch also has a built-in cupholder, to carry a full bottle and full cup one-handed. These specs, along with Hitch’s elegant, easy-to-carry design make it perfectly suited for a modern on-the-go lifestyle."

Here at TreeHugger we're fans of anything that makes a zero waste lifestyle more attainable, and Hitch certainly does that. It fits in standard-sized cupholders, can be fully dismantled for cleaning, keeps liquids hot or cold, and is BPA-free. At just under 10 inches tall, it fits inside most bags, and its hourglass-shaped neck makes it easy to grip.

pouring coffee into Hitch

© Hitch

Right now it exists only on Kickstarter, although the project has been funded more than ten times beyond its original goal, which goes to show that people are eager for a product like this. You can learn more here.