Watch: Tiny Houses 101 With Louis Burns

Photo: Austin Tiny House.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with tiny house movement, a trend dedicated to the art of not-entirely-impossible super-downsized living. It was somewhat of a hot topic 'round these parts this past summer with a MNN photo gallery of 10 of the smallest homes in the world and blog posts from me about the “Wayne’s World” meets This Old House vibe of Derek Diedricksen’s Tiny Yellow House web series and the work of Dee Williams, noted small house proselytizer and de facto cover girl of the movement. More recently, I featured a claustrophobia-inducing instance of yosho jutaku, a Japanese variation on the stateside micro-home movement. Well, as a reminder that small is still the new black when it comes to green building trends, below you'll find a new short film called “Louis Burns and Tiny Austin House.” In the film (part of a larger documentary about sustainable living), Louis Burns, a former realtor and current tiny house educator/builder/force behind the Austin Tiny House blog, chats to filmmaker Jim Bruno about his experiences constructing a 80 square-foot house that weighs less than 500 pounds and fits onto a 16-foot trailer. Burns is currently selling the home, which has six energy-efficient windows, LED lights, a composting toilet and receives running water through a garden hose hookup, for $15,000. In the film, Burns answers probing, tiny house-related questions such as: "Why a tiny house?,” “What makes a tiny house a Tiny House?,” “What makes a tiny house green and sustainable?,” and “What’s next for Louis Burns, builder/educator?” To find out the answers to these questions and more, take a look ...

Via [Jetson Green]