Watch These Amazing Octopuses Stand Up on Two Legs and Run (Video)

Running octopus

As if they weren't remarkable enough, now we can add "prancing about on a pair of arms" to the cephalopod's impressive bag of tricks.

They can virtually disappear into their surroundings and when things get rough, they can swim away with jet propulsion. So why would some species of octopus – creatures that have no bones to support their bodies – set two arms on the ground and take a bipedal-style ramble to flee from a predator?

This is the question that intrigued Chrissy Huffard, a Senior Researcher at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, after observing the behavior in a number of different species. We think of octopuses as being the epitome of fluidity when jetting through the water; to see them hightailing it on foot, so to speak, is hilarious. And endearing. And when we learn why they have adopted this goofy galumphing gait, as Huffard explains in the Science Friday video below, it just serves to further confirm what extraordinary creatures these guys and gals are.